Himachal Pradesh

A Star Hits Her Stride

Amita Shah

Kangana Ranaut, making her electoral debut from her home state, has staked her political career on the outcome, reports

Himalayan High

Union Minister Anurag Thakur is banking on his popularity and the Modi government’s schemes as he seeks a fifth Lok Sabha term from Hamirpur in Himachal Pradesh, reports

A False Divide

South India isn’t necessarily richer than North India

A Himalayan Faultline

Reckless building of infrastructure has been blamed for the mess

Narendra Modi: Staying Home

The state challenges will require Modi’s attention as BJP’s campaigner-in-chief and poll mascot

Himachal Pradesh: Outcome As Usual

BJP pays for downplaying the danger of populism and its large number of rebels

Congress: Cold Comfort

Congress will find solace in its victory in Himachal Pradesh but it is still far from posing a serious threat to BJP in 2024

The Modi Alchemy

He is still Hindutva’s flag-bearer and BJP’s winning plank

Where Continuity is Change

In a break with tradition, incumbent BJP is confident of retaining power in Himachal Pradesh

Uncomfortably Numb in Punjab

A journey through the state’s drug-paved highways and alleyways


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