Mask Up, Please

Nikita Doval

A retreat from last year’s caution and the rise of mutant strains are pushing Covid’s second wave

Is Reason Infected?

Science and civil society in the year of the plague

The Hydration Revolution

The reinvention of water as a wellness commodity

The Arterial Time Bomb

Are the 30s and 40s the new 60s for heart disease in India?

Synergy at Last

The holistic budget combines health systems, water, sanitation, nutrition and air pollution

A Healthy Tradition

In an earlier age, India looked at exercise as more than fitness for the sake of fitness

Fitness Goes Viral

Online workouts, motion sensor technology and the outdoors are transforming our ideas of exercise

Eye to Eye

Seeing is believing. So look

Skin Sutra

Ayurveda makes a splash in the luxury beauty market

Muscle Power

Bodybuilding and middle-class aspirations


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