On a Harappan quest

Sunaina Kumar

Could a village in Haryana have been the ancient civilisation’s very first settlement?

The Missing Girls of Mahendragarh

A despatch from the district with the lowest sex ratio

Not Just a Cock-and-Bull Story

The world’s most virile bull, still a virgin at six, is more expensive than a Ferrari. In a remote village in Haryana, we find the loneliness of Yuvraj more expressive than the reproductive business he runs

The rogue godman of Hisar

The high voltage drama at Barwala town ended with Rampal’s arrest and crowds of dismayed followers


The second referendum on Modi propels reforms

The Constant Campaigner

For Narendra Modi, power is a permanent struggle

Shock therapy in Hinterland

One more state breaks out of traditional political loyalties and joins the BJP empire

The Permanent Campaigner

Modi on the stump Part Two makes the elections in Maharashtra and Haryana a referendum on the Prime Minister

The Queen of Khap

Sudesh Choudhary has broken a tradition spanning more than six centuries. Do men still set the limits of her power?

Khap of Good Hope

In Haryana, a 70-year-old Sarpanch changes a centuries old tradition by permitting intercaste and intra-khap marriages


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