graphic novels

‘I am a Cyclops’

Nandini Nair

Aminder Dhaliwal’s graphic novel uses the figure of the cyclops to talk about race and belonging, sexuality and relationships. The animator tells Nandini Nair why we are all outsiders

Difficult Dialogues

A graphic novel on being brown in Trump’s America

Dark Metal

Getting lost in fractured landscapes

They Are Not Exactly Comics

They are political books. Just that everything isn’t merely spelt out, it’s also sketched. And as Indian graphic novels get more and more ambitious, they’re busy re-imagining history, Ambedkar, The Emergency, Jurassic Hyderabad and a lot more.

What Do You Call Picture Books for Adults?

The ‘graphic novel’ is a great marketing gimmick. So grown-ups can buy comics about men in flashy briefs, unabashedly.


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