The Gold and the Beautiful

Arshia Sattar

Despite all the wealth, the epics are not entirely comfortable with displays of ostentation

Bitcoins: The New Money Trail

Indians in pursuit of an online gold rush

Gold Fables

From dead kings who come riding at night to snakes that guard hidden treasure, all the myths come tumbling out in the village of Daundiya Kheda as the ASI looks for 1,000 tonnes of gold

The Juhu Gold Rush

In the rains, young fishermen who live around this Mumbai beach go out to sea in search of lost jewellery and coins

Gold Continues to Glitter

Despite Chidambaram’s counsel, people continue to invest in gold because it makes sense to do so

Gold as a Symbol of Global Gloom

Analysts attribute the current global gold rally to expectations of even more dollars rolling off American presses as part of the Fed’s QE3

Yellow Metal Turns Pale

Gold prices had been rising on the expectation that the US Federal Reserve will print more money (and thus devalue the dollar)

The Virtual Gold Rush

Gold Exchange-Traded Funds hold 16 tonnes in India, which has 18,000 tonnes of real gold

The Original Shine

Gold on earth may well have come from outer space, but the gold we can currently access has an even more interesting history


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