First Women

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan

Reimagining Sita and other neglected female characters

The Future Is Female

She is the new storyteller

What Does a Woman Want?

The politics of desire

Sabarimala: A Trek Too Far

How women who tried to go to Sabarimala after the Supreme Court judgment were forced to return by devotees who used children as shields

MeToo Fault Lines

A worthy movement that could yet go wrong

The Decline of Man: Being Male After #MeToo

What lies ahead for the male of the species in the age of MeToo

To Protect A God

The pointless agony of Sabarimala devotees hanging on to their past

Open Diary

The impact of the MeToo campaign

Me The People

From film sets to newsrooms, a new moral order emerges on gender relations


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