free market

The Economists’ Conceit

Dhiraj Nayyar

Smith and Marx. Keynes and Friedman. Why no one else?

‘Ripple’ verdict in US cheers Indian crypto entrepreneurs, market experts

They expect the landmark July 13 court ruling to inspire authorities to put in place fair and reasonable regulations worldwide and in India, too

Control Issues

What stopping of onion exports says about the state of Indian agriculture

Bounce-Back Thrills

Our idea of wealth has changed and so has our need of heroes

Raj Chetty: Class Apart

A Harvard professor of economics, his views have found immense appeal among policymakers in the US

The Revolutionary’s Dilemma

The Free Market is not always fair, but what can one do about it? That’s the question

Capitalism: Fake vs Real

Sounding the alarm against State Capitalism is pointless if you cannot defend the ‘authentic’ version.


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