Sour South: Is there a bias?

Most southern states are up in arms against the disadvantage they fear they might suffer if the Central pool of tax funds is shared the way they suspect New Delhi wants. Their complaint is that they are being penalised for their good performance. Is there an anti-south bias?

Private Banks: The Irony of Creaky Vaults

Private banks must be held accountable for them to serve the public interest

The Big Bank Theory

Privatisation is not the answer

Ponzi Schemes: The Pyramid Fraud

Ponzi schemes pose a Rs 84,000 crore problem and a proposed law, if executed well, could save millions from falling prey

Cryptocurrency: Coin Your Future

Indian startups have begun to issue their own cryptocurrencies to raise funds

The Age of Digital Monopolies

WhatsApp’s inevitable takeover of digital payments in India should be a worry

The Equaliser

Modi has used the Union Budget to create the architecture of an India where India and Bharat can begin to complement each other


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