We Know What You’ll Do This Summer

Manjula Negi

The movies releasing this season may lack big star power. But they are still reason enough for you to be spending long hours in cinema halls.

The Shape Shifter

Boman Irani has never been to an acting school, but he is still an intelligent actor. He knows that audiences today appreciate complex characters, and playing just a good or bad guy isn’t enough.

Bollywood’s Script Thieves

The Hindi film industry is notorious for lifting stories. Is there a solution?

ABCL, Aaj Kal

It seems the only thing ABCL-2 is scared of is ABCL-1.

Quentin Tarantino

In recent years, Tarantino has used his Hollywood clout to promote smaller films.

More than Just Talk

Kamal Haasan on scriptwriting and the charm of historical fiction

‘If They Say Kiss, I Ask How Long’

Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia on being Akshay Kumar, and why some people hate him


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