film festival

Cinemas of Resistance

Khaliq Parkar

Namrata Joshi writes a rich record of non-mainstream films in India

Beyond the Breathless and the Restless

Let it be the feelings that bring about the events in films, not the other way around

Parvathy: Girl Power

Parvathy, the winner of the Silver Peacock in Goa, is an actor with a social conscience who won’t let trolls silence her

In the Name of Cinema

Despite the controversies, the independent film flag was held up at the International Film Festival of India

Anthem Agony in Kerala

Detentions, confusion, politics and more

Breaking Free on the Beach

Indie goes mainstream at the 10th Film Bazaar in Goa

MAMI Film Festival: Wide Screen

A blend of art house and Bollywood marks the MAMI film festival

Film Festival: Mise En City

A vibrant new film festival portrays the multiplicity of claims on Indian cities, the freedoms they enable and the burdens that still weigh them down

The Iffy Moments of IFFI

The film festival’s pretensions to international stature don’t square with reality. Is it time to wrest control of it from the Government?

High Altitude Screen Shots

Gulzar watching his first movie once again and other glimpses from a film festival in Ladakh


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