Painting the Rainbow

Rajeev Deshpande

A 360-degree vision with a promise of sweeping changes in the rural economy and beyond

Food stocks buffer India against global shortages

The war in Ukraine has disrupted global supplies of foodgrains but it will not affect India directly as the country is self-sufficient

The Politics of Caste Census

What Modi has done over time, especially by providing public goods that were earlier local in nature, is to greatly weaken the salience of caste-based politics

The Politics of Healing

The extension of free food for another five months promises to help not just poor labourers but industry and agriculture as well

The Soil Economy

The Finance Minister says the solution to India’s agricultural system is Zero Budget Natural Farming. Is it possible?

The Rural Fetish

Throwing money at rural India without redistributing its excess population is worthless populism

Nothing Interim in the Budget

The most notable feature of this interim budget is the income support programme for small and marginal farmers

The Roadshow Apart

Protest marches by farmers and emotive appeals by politicians are no substitute for the need to fix India’s broken farm sector

Bitter Sugar

A crisis of oversupply has resulted in Rs 23,000 crore arrears owed to sugarcane farmers, a powerful political constituency that could make its discontent felt in next year’s General Election

Mumbai Notebook

The callous response to a farmers' march and the ifs and buts of Hillary's loss


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