The Other Side of the Coin

Lhendup G Bhutia

As India’s rare-coin market takes off, counterfeiters too are having a field day

The Dubious Science of Predatory Journals

Researchers are likely to be the easy victims of an academic scam

The Man Who Faked His Murder

Software engineer Sreerag Subramanian was found dead, tied and gagged with duct tape, in his car. An open and shut case of murder. Or was it?

Cracking the Case of Counterfeits

Apart from soaring domestic interest rates, the Centre’s searing fiscal deficit, and high inflation coupled with lower growth, there is another threat to the Indian economy.

ICC World Cup Trophy

In this case, ‘replica’ does not mean ‘fake’. It means they got a trophy, identical to the original

The Hilarious Case of Avatar Tulsi

Why is it so easy to plant child genius stories in the Indian media?


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