fake news

Broken News

Amit Khanna

Propaganda and the rot in the media

Amitava Kumar: Seeking Truth Between the Lines

Amitava Kumar’s latest novel challenges fake news and the form of the novel. The author in conversation with Antara Raghavan

Between the Devil and the Tweet Sea

Twitter’s comeuppance is no cause for cheer because the government is not batting for free speech either

Mischievous Posts

Dealing with fake news in the times of Covid-19

The Dark Side of the Boon

The abuse of information technology is a threat to our democracy

True Lies and Fake News

The pointlessness of social media regulation in the time of elections

How WhatsApp Is Changing Indian Politics

WhatsApp’s prized encryption technology becomes a powerful weapon for the fake news industry in its biggest and most complex market, India, ahead of the 2019 poll

Ravi Agrawal: Karmic Connection

Online India needs to be a country in conversation with itself. Ravi Agrawal tells Aresh Shirali why

Some Fake News Lasts For Ever

Homo Sapiens is a post-truth species, whose power depends on creating and believing fictions

Fake News: The Poison of Forwards

Fake news going viral on WhatsApp has resulted in several deaths across India. Can it be stopped?


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