Thota Vaikuntam: Rural Reveries

Shaikh Ayaz

Thota Vaikuntam’s living pictures celebrate the colours and textures of Telangana village life

Arunima Choudhury: Natural Flair

How Arunima Choudhury has become an exponent of sustainable aesthetics

Rokeya Sultana: The Madonna Metaphor

The mysterious and the feminist come together on the canvas of Bangladeshi artist Rokeya Sultana

Myna Mukherjee: The Bridge

As a curator Myna Mukherjee joins the dots between disparate worlds

The Republic of Rage

A nation can’t march ahead if it’s upset all the time

Resisting the Robotic

Holding on to the power of movement

What’s the future of the art museum post-Covid?

András Szántó delves into the subject and expects Indians and others not to ape the West, but to democratise museums

The Looming Legacy

Weaving tapestries of varied scales, materials and textures


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