How to Read a Face


Look at the region below the eyes, says a new study. Evolution explains why it works best

Why Are Most People Right-handed?

An evolutionary balance between cooperation and competition decides the ratio of the right- to left-handed

Why Do Humans Have Such Plain Faces?

Some primates have faces that come in several colours, but those living in large groups don’t

Tales from the Sperm Wars

The observation of very low motility in naked mole rat sperm illustrates the power of evolutionary logic

Wasps and the Golden Rule

Altruism among these insects has an evolutionary motive: gene perpetuation

The Neanderthals Among Us

A long debated question has been answered. Humans and Neanderthals did interbreed and their genes live on within most of us.

Milky Way

The ability to digest milk as an adult seems to have evolved just about 7,500 years ago in central Europe

Speared by Humans

A study of a 50,000 year old wound suggests a possible reason for the extinction of Neanderthals

Why the Umbrella Does Not Evolve

The umbrella, with its two conflicting properties—obsolete and enduring—has an important question for us. Why must something evolve at all?

Missing the Link

Ida, the 47 million-year-old primate fossil unveiled to the public a little over a month ago, was an important discovery. But not for the reasons that this book sets out to establish


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