Portraits of Empowerment

Siddharth Singh

Lakshmi, artisan | Saira, homemaker | Thippamma, housekeeper

The Making of A Lady Detective

Empowerment by Imagination. A Personal History

She’s Unstoppable

Indian women make a power statement in every sphere of life

Her Body, Her Choice

Where the hijab is not mandatory—and why

Ladies Without Leisure

After-work stories from Bundelkhand

Body Language

Where the image ends and the self begins

The Loss of Inheritance

One of the world’s last matrilineal systems is changing in Meghalaya but no one is sure if that is a good thing

Women entrepreneurs in informal sector as smart as men

A global study on India says that gender doesn’t play a role in the quicker transition of family firms into entrepreneurial entities

Life Is a Forest

Liberated women of the Vedic times


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