India’s Longest Elephant Tusk

Anil Budur Lulla

And what it says about the dwindling elephant numbers in the country.

A Complicated Lust Story

A circus in Burdwan is desperate to keep a female elephant from hearing its wild former lover’s calls.

Recession for Elephants

Pensioners at the Andaman Islands get Rs 3,000 worth of foodstuff, but joblessness is rising.

Trunk Calls to Jaldapara

For two elephants who’ve been relocated to Japan, a CD is their only connection to home.

Elephantine Speed

The physics behind the astounding charge of a bull elephant had remained somewhat of a mystery till recently.

For the Love of Polo

In Rajasthan, the game of kings is an aspirational recreation—for queens, rich tourists and poor mahouts alike. But riding a horse is not a skill that can be hired for a day, and therefore there’s also chauffeured polo, atop elephants and camels.

Elephant and the Mahout

This man-animal relationship that goes back ages is in danger of being lost forever


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