The Impossible Trinity and Last Law of Lickonomics

Aresh Shirali

The RBI’s fuzzy approach to this famous trilemma of economics could challenge anyone’s sanity

Think Difference

An engaging book by a Nobel laureate that could leave the discerning reader even more so

The Death of Manmohanomics

Not so long ago, India’s emergence as a tiger economy was seen as a done deal. Today, double-digit growth looks a forlorn dream. What went wrong?

The Price of Nuclear Power

Catastrophe doesn’t seem to bother our planners, but how about paying attention to economics?

The Revolutionary’s Dilemma

The Free Market is not always fair, but what can one do about it? That’s the question

The Great Depression That Wasn’t

Why Liaquat Ahamed does not want his book on this grim phase of history overinterpreted

India’s Next Gen Harvard Professor

Gita Gopinath is the first Indian woman to be granted permanent tenure as a professor at the university’s economics department. A true inspiration

Capitalism: Fake vs Real

Sounding the alarm against State Capitalism is pointless if you cannot defend the ‘authentic’ version.

This Master’s Voice

Why Keynes reigns. And why that’s no reason to adopt his economics lazily.

“Keynes Is Your Classic Middle of the Roader”

Sixty years after John Maynard Keynes's death, his brand of economics, known as Keynesianism is back big time.


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