Data Capitalism

Aresh Shirali

Romance and rewards

Easy Come, Easy Go

But lasting fortunes are built on stable values

Where Are You, Genius?

A pause in India’s information revolution

Long Live the Supermarket

This retail format will survive an Amazon-Walkart war 

The Aadhaar Raj

What it enables by way of e-commerce must not be overshadowed by the dangers it exposes people to

Darjeeling Tea: A Second Flush

A startup is infusing hope in a struggling industry by changing the legend of Darjeeling tea

E-commerce: An End to Cheap Thrills

With so many e-commerce players in trouble, it’s clear that playing on prices alone is a poor strategy in the online marketplace

Click Couture

Designers and multi-label stores adapt to virtual reality

Chinese Dreams, Made in India

An emerging community of Chinese entrepreneurs are investing in India’s future

Enter the Drone

From mapping pollution to counting crops, the commercial use of drones is set to boom in India. But only if there is legal clarity


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