Khadi Cool

Rohit Chawla

The fabric of Gandhi

The Sacred Thread

When master weavers become cultural storytellers

Banarasi Sari: Back to the Golden Weave

A designer partnership in reimagining the Banarasi sari

Politics As Costume Drama

It’s not for nothing that Indian politicians are so conscious of what they wear

Bespoke for the Boss

Three designers play with textiles, silhouettes and colour to dress up Narendra Modi for every occasion

The Modi hotness quotient

On the sex appeal of the man with the fabled 56-inch chest

The Girl with the Front Row Invite

Taking notes alongside Anna Wintour, trying to place a familiar face that turns out to be Kylie Minogue's, chatting backstage with John Galliano on matters unsemitic, Namrata Zakaria likes her life


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