Draupadi Murmu

Farewell to Discord

Jayanta Ghosal

A fractious relationship

Running Out of Ideas

A Congress in disarray has sharpened rivalries among Opposition parties while Modi is already in election mode

The Tribal Pursuit

The Murmu moment and cinema’s indebtedness to Adivasi culture

Rising From Below

Draupadi Murmu never lost touch with the grassroots or forgot her old neighbours when she was in public office. As Governor, she was fair and understood well the workings of the state administration

Draupadi Murmu: An Epic Choice

Elevating Draupadi Murmu as NDA’S presidential candidate is a significant step in Narendra Modi’s project of civilisational repair that is bringing the marginalised into the social mainstream

Outside Help

The BJP managed to win Azamgarh with tacit assistance from BSP leader Mayawati. She put up a local Muslim candidate who split the SP vote right down the middle


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