Donald Trump

Kamala Harris: A Devi for the Oval?

James Astill

Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as running mate promises glory for Indian-Americans—but no special favours to India

‘Silent Majority’

These people often reply ‘don’t know’ if asked by pollsters and often stay at home on polling day out of sheer disgust

A Referendum on Trump: Will the Base Hold?

Donald Trump gets a reality check four months before the presidential election

Ideology in Black and White

The false morality of the race debate

The United Rage of America

The US has been gripped by its worst social unrest since 1968

If America Unravelled

India has a basket of opportunities in a changing world order that it cannot yet touch

The Pandemic Presidency of Trump: 100,000 Dead

The pandemic is dangerously exacerbating the deep political divisions in America

Twitter’s Convenient Truths

Why the social media platform asks for trouble in fact-checking Donald Trump

Pandemic Verses

Ode to Lysol and limericks

The Trust Quotient

It is the unbroken covenant of trust that legitimises a leader in the time of a historic crisis


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