Donald Trump

The Virtuous Shaming

S Prasannarajan

Liberals' failure to stand up for their values has enabled the new age of conformity

The Quiet Unamerican

Biden’s Out-of-Afghanistan is a crime against civilisation

The No Rallying Point Syndrome

The curious fallout of the absence of Donald Trump on those who wanted to see him go

The Sense of an Ending

The optics of America’s pullout from an unwinnable war in Afghanistan

Portraits of Power

The India-US relationship as a study in leadership

Virtual Worship

Narendra Modi has advised sadhus and priests to refrain from gathering during festivals and, instead, find solace in online worship

Who’s Afraid of Social Media?

Empowering. Liberating. Polarising. Incendiary. The interface between democracy and the digital noise

The Dream Work of America

The myth of the indispensable nation

A New Uncertainty

The momentum towards deeper US-India strategic collaboration could slow if Joe Biden’s foreign policy returns to an accommodationist approach towards China

The Caretaker President

Joe Biden has been chosen to set the stage for the next generation of Democratic politicians


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