Donald Trump

A Madness without Method

The US has survived its worst challenge by continuing the democratic process without being overwhelmed by the machinations of an individual


Joe Biden inherits a deeply divided America

Forecast 2021

A future built on the ruins of the past need not be fragile. That is the hope of 2021

The End of the American Scream

A foreign correspondent’s journal

Trump, the Golfer

A handicap and an incentive for the American president

Banana Republic, Richard II and Tughlaq

Hopefully, the US will redeem itself under Biden

Joe Biden: The Day of the Quiet American

Joe Biden, an error-prone politician but a universally well-liked man, scarcely put a foot wrong during the campaign. Trump and the pandemic made that relatively easy. The President soaked up all the attention, not in a good way. Biden seems to have unseated him with a sense of decency

Power to the Outliers

Big pundits will not win again till they transcend the great American divide


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