The Cost of a Sick Nation

Ullekh NP and Amita Shah

The Government finally wakes up to the reality of a healthcare emergency

Whose Herb Is It Anyway?

As India and China fight for ownership of the ancient practice of Sowa Rigpa, there is just one inconvenient fact. It belongs to Tibetans

To Eat or Not to Wheat

The grain of truth in spite of better alternatives

Mend the Creak

Preventive measures can fend off an impending osteoporosis epidemic

Let There Be Light

Indians should not take their vitamin D status for granted

Doctor No

A couple of activist doctors expose the rot in Indian healthcare

Yogic Nonsense

Why a minister’s cure for cancer is worse than the disease

Scorched Life

Haima Deshpande visits the suicide-hit districts of the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra to find lives maimed by debt, disease and poverty

Our Basic Bug Instinct

Modern diseases such as asthma, diabetes and Alzheimer’s are linked to changes in the hundred trillion odd microbes residing in our bodies. Excessive hygiene, antibiotics and our diets are to blame for these changes

Not Quite Polio-free Enough

Why India’s strategy to combat polio is mistaken


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