Ghost of the Past

Joseph Antony

A tale of how one horrific incident can echo through a life

Leave Aside Democracy Please

When politicians equate their simulated victimhood with a crisis in democracy

Of Liberal Nationalists and Illiberal Liberals

Why liberal works better as an adjective

The Dynastic Archipelago

Opportunism is the signature of Indonesian elections

The Workers’ Utopia

Unimplementable ideas to get Parliament to function

Bring Back Dignity Please

How to deal with badly behaving MPs

Showcasing Democracy

The future of the Prime Ministers’ Museum and Library

A Word to the Offended

Modi came to power by demolishing taboos. Some of his one-dimensional followers want to create new ones

Blame It on the Totem

What we see today is not the unravelling but a reminder of democracy's tenacity and elasticity

In Praise of Civic Nationalism

India has survived all the stresses and strains that have beset it for over seven decades because it maintained consensus on how to manage without consensus


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