The Empty Core

S Prasannarajan

Farmers’ protest and the politics of desperation

Pathographies of the Extreme

It is time to turn away from name-calling to more life-sustaining narratives

The Godforsaken Wuhan Virus

Is any justice and fairness in this world?

A Passage to the Void

Calamities, natural and manmade, lead to a vast increase in the number of orphans and the fallout can change the course of societies

Loss and Longing

Orphaned by the second wave of the pandemic

The Cost of Long Covid

A tortuous road to recovery

The Hardest Lesson

The second wave of Covid-19 has laid bare India’s long neglect of health infrastructure

The Truth About Vaccination

Inside India’s plan to meet the target of complete inoculation against Covid-19

A Vacuum of Answers

What vaccination in Seychelles tells us about reliable truths in the time of Covid


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