The War Nobody Can Ever Win

Rahul Pandita

Far from TV studios, in the deep forests of Gadchiroli, nobody cares about national sovereignty, the State or the Sensex. The only battle is to fool death and avoid getting injected with an odorous liquid that delays the rotting of a corpse.

Whispers of a Witch-hunt

With searchlights out for ‘bourgeois tendencies’ within the party, the CPM drives one of its own leaders to his death.

Looking It in the Eye

It’s in the final moments of life that character shines through. Lisa Ray just let us glimpse hers.

Sending off Strangers

Kishore Bhatt, 57, has a long relationship with the dead. A caretaker of unclaimed corpses, he’s ensured dignity for more than 2,000 dead in the past 40 years

The Death Debate

A controversy erupts over open air cremation as a Hindu and Sikh tradition seeks a reprieve from British law


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