Dominique Lapierre (1931-2022): Kolkata’s Adopted Son

Nandini Nair

Few authors are as synonymous with a city as French author Dominique Lapierre was with Kolkata

Ela Bhatt (1933-2022): Empowering Woman

She will long be remembered for her efforts to promote women’s welfare

Ian Jack (1945-2022): Memory Man

India had changed the direction of a life spent in the pursuit of things as they were before

A Heartland Original

He was a perfect practitioner of realpolitik and yet his earthiness endeared him to friends and foes alike

A formidable strategist of caste mobilization

Projecting himself as the leader of numerous Other Backward Castes, he forged together a powerful Muslim-Yadav alliance

Hilary Mantel (1952-2022): Past Perfectionist

Hilary Mantel (1952-2022) humanised characters from history, as she was interested in where politics met psychology, where the private met the public

Booker Prize winning author Hilary Mantel dies at 70

Often described as one of the finest writers of the 21st century, she is the first woman and only the fourth person to win two Booker prizes


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