Ameen Sayani (1932-2024): The Golden Voice

Lhendup G Bhutia

He spoke the language of everyman departing from stuffy radio broadcasting

Fali S Nariman (1929-2024): The Guardian of Constitutional Democracy

Nariman did much more to further the cause of liberty than many others after him. In 1972, he was appointed additional solicitor general. Instead of clinging to that office, Nariman quit when his conscience would not allow him to hold that position anymore

Taki 183

What life-graffiti are we leaving behind?

Henry the Last

Kissinger reinvented the axis of global equations with breakthrough ideas implemented with breathtaking insouciance

BN Goswamy (1933-2023): Sage and Sensitivity

Art historian BN Goswamy combined an empirical precision with a soaring imagination

PRS ‘Biki’ Oberoi (1929-2023): India’s Innkeeper

The country’s finest hotelier reinvented desire

Gieve Patel (1940-2023): Verse to Canvas

His artistic freedom came from a refusal to be evasive

Chronicle of My Death Foretold

In defence of dignity in departure

Bishan Singh Bedi (1946-2023): Spin Master

After a glittering career, he mentored the next generation of legends

Never Again

So many Jews have not been killed in a single day since the Holocaust. India must help us get the hostages released


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