Reality Television Shock

Shahina KK

On a popular Tamil show, a 17-year-old girl reveals that her father has killed three people. And it turns out to be true

The Case of the One-Armed Murderer

A death sentence awarded to the rapist and murderer of a 23-year-old girl has evoked wild celebration in Kerala, a state known for its liberal leanings. What explains this bloodlust?

The New Criminal

Regular people with no history of crime are committing the most gruesome murders. What’s going on?

The Road to Freedom

What assures a man his freedom? Gopal Kaushik tried running away from home, even adopting a life of crime. But he remained miserable—until the day he bought his bike

Dum Maro Dum

Here’s Goa gone awry. But it is still a watchable movie

A quick trigger diplomat

US diplomat Raymond Davis killed two armed men who attacked him in Lahore

The Definitive Guide to Detectives

Crime fiction aficionado Zac O’Yeah on why neat-and-clean armchair sleuths like Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple are just not as much fun as down-and-dirty alley skulks like Philip Marlowe and Sam Spade

Indian Serial Killers

Thug Behram, of the Thuggee clan, reportedly killed more than 900 people with his ceremonial cloth.

Munnabhai of Basketball

Ibrahim Lakadawala speaks like a celluloid cult character. But the former basketball player is using the sport to stop youngsters of Nagpada from becoming criminals.

Confessions of an Intelligence Officer

“Criminals will do anything to compromise a good officer. These days, they call TV channels, even help them do stings.”


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