“The Cherry-Picking Has to Stop”

Kavita Krishnan

Rape is not an exotic crime, but an extension of the oppression that women bear daily. The media must take it seriously

The Outsiders

If migrants are responsible for crimes in India’s cities, why are they always from the labour class?

Dumb and Dumber

Stealing sperm, trying to rob the Reserve Bank of India, selling a stolen motorcycle back to its owner… these criminals are so stupid that they are an insult to crime

Failing to Escape

If Bitti Mohanty had made a clean break from his past, he would never have been caught in India. But then, that is almost impossible to do

When a Juvenile Rapes

The science and logic behind the definition of a ‘juvenile’. And the consequences

The Battle to Tame Bihar

The brief history of an anarchy

How the Violation Continues

Our voyeuristic outrage at rape will not end the life of this crime. But maybe it won’t be attempted so often, so brazenly if we start dealing with rape for what it really is

Living with Lalli

One afternoon on a bus in Mumbai, writer Kalpana Swaminathan discovered her detective, Lalli—a collector of curiosities that hint of murder

Reality Television Shock

On a popular Tamil show, a 17-year-old girl reveals that her father has killed three people. And it turns out to be true

The Case of the One-Armed Murderer

A death sentence awarded to the rapist and murderer of a 23-year-old girl has evoked wild celebration in Kerala, a state known for its liberal leanings. What explains this bloodlust?


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