crime fiction

Best of Books 2018: Crime Fiction

Shylashri Shankar

Unreliable narrators, bear poachers, undercover Russian agents and much more

Open Diary

London books shops, Abir Mukherjee’s crime fiction and a sense of history

A Time to Thrill

Beware the woman in the window

And Then There Were None

Four storytellers redeem the modern whodunnit by defying the familiar props of the genre

The Beautiful Blood Ceremony

What the best of Japanese noir says about democracy, authenticity and the nation

Mind Games

A country house murder, the dreaded secret service in East Berlin, and a policeman in future Italy—mysteries stretch boundaries

Crime and Nourishment

Our contributor offers a noir formula to thriller seekers

Daddy in the Shadows

A gripping novel where the son gets to know himself better through his raucous uncles and absent father

Memory Is a Dark Hole

A haunting mystery set in East Europe and an anodyne addition to Scandinavian noir

Dirty Rotten Murderers

Modern crime fiction seems to have caught up with the perversity of real-life violence. Gone are the days when the little grey cells were all that was important to a racy read


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