Solar Shock in Kerala

Shahina KK

The Congress leadership in the state sinks deeper in the politics of sleaze

The Fall of Nawaz Sharif

The story of Nawaz Sharif’s rise and fall is the story of contemporary Pakistan. For him, it matters little if it is the Army or the Court. History has moved in circles for him and yet another uncertain phase of his political career begins

Kejriwal as Fake News

Maybe it’s easier to identify a false messiah in a country that happens to have the world’s most popular outsider in power

Kapil Mishra: Fast Unto Not Death

Kapil Mishra is the latest politician using that gimmick

Now Comes a Scandal Called Virbhadra Singh

An Open Investigation: The rotten apple of Congress

Milan Vaishnav: Power and Pelf

Milan Vaishnav anatomises Broken India Siddharth Singh in conversation with the author

Loud Cheer for Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala's Chief Minister wins applause for dropping Jayarajan from his cabinet


In many ways, Modi has sought to transform the ossified culture of India’s capital

Arvind Kejriwal: The Reckoning

Spying, splurge, nepotism and more from the secret core of the Kejriwal regime


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