‘Narendra Modi is not responsible for the decline of the Opposition’

Rajnath Singh, Minister of Defence, in Open conversation with Rajeev Deshpande and PR Ramesh

A Spurning

When Hemant Soren was asked to give one Rajya Sabha seat to the Congress, he turned down the proposal and gave the seat to a local tribal leader instead

Self-Introspection Tamasha

A Chintan Shivir at Udaipur

A Wave that Endured

Under Modi, India has turned the corner

Of Political Brands and More

Why would Prashant Kishor get into the Congress mess?

100 Plans

The RSS is planning to celebrate it in a big way across the country

Memories of a Different Country

Arun Shourie’s memoir revisits the biggest stories of the 1980s from the vantage point of a newsroom

Why Congress is Essential for India and How it Can Be Revived

Congress must rejuvenate itself, bringing in fresh faces and young blood into its leadership at all levels. It would help if the party took steps to promote inner-party democracy and a more consultative decision-making style: Open up the party to internal elections for its key positions. Seek the views of a wide cross-section of party stalwarts, not just a favoured few. Allow and encourage the emergence of local, state and regional leaders, ratified by periodic votes of party members

Party and the Family

What Sonia Gandhi can learn from Megawati Sukarnoputri


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