A Divide That Isn’t

Sandeep Balakrishna

The North vs South rhetoric masks the ongoing de-Hinduisation beyond the Vindhyas

The Unravelling

The Congress humiliation takes a toll on I.N.D.I.A.’s electoral viability

Mind the (Credibility) Gap

Congress faces its severest test after a resounding no to its populist pitch

Hydra-Headed I.N.D.I.A.

Will have multiple claimants

The Shaky Citadel

Is Brand KCR taking a hit with Congress closing in? Open reports from Telangana

Grain of Truth

Tracking paddy farmers who could decide the outcome of the battle between Congress and BJP in Chhattisgarh’s second phase

On a Knife-Edge

It’s a keen contest in Madhya Pradesh where Rajeev Deshpande finds Congress trying to replicate its Karnataka winning model and BJP counting on popular welfare schemes

Extremists Stay Banned

An added significance in the current unsettled situation in Manipur

Rahul Gandhi’s Photo-Ops

How the growing up process of the 53-year-old Congress princeling remains incomplete


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