The Moral Museum

Pallavi Aiyar

Unlike Belgium or France, Britain still refuses to repatriate its colonial loot

An Encounter with a Negotiator

Stuart Diamond once negotiated himself out of the sights of a submachine gun in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Negotiating well, he says, is about noticing other people

I Was That Girl Who Was Supposed To Be Dead

In her memoir, Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, talks about how her work in the Congo and her battle with uterine cancer enabled her to re-inhabit her body. In the following excerpt, she tells us how drugs almost destroyed her—and how pot might have helped save her life

The Assignment

For Anjan Sundaram, mathematics was a spiritual pursuit. But then he was consumed by the desire to collide with reality. And, he went to Congo as a journalist. There, amid the rubble of a country torn by civil war and in the company of its wretched children, he experienced life at its most exuberant


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