The Redundancy of the Elite

PR Ramesh

How Modi wrested back control of communicating with India from political and intellectual cliques

I, Chowkidar

Is Modi riding an Everyman wave?

Memojis: Sign Language 2.0

Emojis, animojis and now memojis are changing the way we communicate online


What’s wrong with personalised slogans?

Future is Fabulous

Thomas Friedman makes a strong case for digital technologies

Tree of Life

The ultimate feel-good experience

The Origin of Our Fists

Hands evolved not just to build tools and forage for food but also to throw an effective punch

The Last Days of the Telegram

They say even the Great Indian Uprising of 1857 failed because of the telegram. As technology gallops onward, a 150-year-old tradition bites the dust

Telepathic Rodents

In a study of rats, scientists discover a novel mode of brain-to-brain communication


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