Digital Showdown

Ullekh NP

Internet freedom is expected to see a dip this year although people will find ways to stay connected

Panaceas and Placebos

An avuncular treatise on how digital technology might lead us into a better future

The Redundancy of the Elite

How Modi wrested back control of communicating with India from political and intellectual cliques

I, Chowkidar

Is Modi riding an Everyman wave?

Memojis: Sign Language 2.0

Emojis, animojis and now memojis are changing the way we communicate online


What’s wrong with personalised slogans?

Future is Fabulous

Thomas Friedman makes a strong case for digital technologies

Tree of Life

The ultimate feel-good experience

The Origin of Our Fists

Hands evolved not just to build tools and forage for food but also to throw an effective punch


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