A Kung Fu Panda Pact

MJ Akbar

Maldives’ Chinese tilt and the Bazball syndrome in cricket

Hindi Is Not Indian

Lessons from the linguistic choices made by China and Indonesia

Chinese Ganeshas

Alibaba still lists 111 types, priced between $1 and $28

Chinese Apps: Swipe Red

Chinese apps have become so popular in India that they are strong competitors to Facebook and Instagram

Tyranny of the Stubborn Minority

A Left turn on Sabarimala is an assault on the rights of indigenous people

Eastern Promises

An underground movement is afoot among Indian shoppers looking for cheap and exciting finds on Chinese websites

Whose Herb Is It Anyway?

As India and China fight for ownership of the ancient practice of Sowa Rigpa, there is just one inconvenient fact. It belongs to Tibetans

Chinese Dreams, Made in India

An emerging community of Chinese entrepreneurs are investing in India’s future

Of Mountains, Monks and Munsel-ling

The people of Spiti valley recognise what it is like for a community to survive under threat


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