The Historian’s Eye

William Dalrymple

Tracing the footprints of Anarchy from Shah Alam’s Delhi to the Company’s Calcutta with a camera phone. Text and Photographs by William Dalrymple

A Call to Action

Yadgir in Karnataka has abysmal levels of literacy, housing and sanitation. But almost every adult has a cellphone. Can mobile networks connect the dots of the district’s developmental trail?


This smartphone from LG boasts of one of the best screens available in the market

Samsung Galaxy Grand

A poor cousin of the Galaxy SIII, it’ll still find takers among brand loyalists

HTC Sensation

If the speed of this Android does not blow you away, its user interface sure will

SMS in Times of WAP

Cellphone technology is set to blister its way ahead, thanks to 3G services. One can hear the death-knell of the short message.

HTC Legend

Though not radically different from the HTC Hero, this one is designed to impress everyone.


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