Bebo Begs Bhansali

Bebo Begs Bhansali • All Worth It • Pushing Sympathy

Regression Multiplied By Two

Mallika Sherawat is right and Priyanka Chopra wrong about India

A Soft Spot for Kareena

A Soft Spot for Kareena • Mallika’s Cannes Camaraderie • A Scene with Her Director and Co-star

Minnisha Lamba’s Silly Lie

Minnisha Lamba’s Silly Lie • Agent Problematic • Money in Hand, Missing in Action

Losing my Cannes Virginity

The observations of a filmmaker who went there for the first time and walked the red carpet in jeans and sneakers

Comedy of Cannes

When will Bollywood’s status as comic relief at international film festivals change?

Everyone Can at Cannes This Time

Everyone Can at Cannes This Time • Why Anil Skipped the Climax • Needs Fresh Excuses, Not Clothes


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