Missing in Action

Zakia Soman

Hasan Suroor’s call to moderate Muslims for introspection

Dr Fazal Gafoor: The Good Doctor

Being Dr Fazal Gafoor, the president of the Muslim Educational Society that has banned burqas and veils in classes, isn’t just tough. It is dangerous

Veiled Response

The Sri Lankan ban on face coverings gives the terrorists what they seek

The War on Burkini

The fear of foreigners within in the age of radical Islamism

Burkha Rapper

Sofie Ashraf is an artiste of her times, a creative force informed by the post 9/11 world, a daring new voice like none other

The Burkha Rapper

“I work within the rules, but I find the little loopholes that allow me to do my own thing.” —Sofie Ashraf, 21


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