Natural Spirit

Carlo Pizzati

A conversation with the biographer of God

Dream Catchers

Three poets imagine a more equal future

Killers and Conscience

Can serial killers make a moral point?

‘This idea of progress is one of the most terrible myths,’ says Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh talks about his new book that charts the transformative effect of the poppy on the making of the world in a conversation with

Spot the Killer

Buried secrets in the labyrinth of family relationships

Ear to the Ground

An environmentalist charts the stories of India’s vulnerable lands

Mothers and Daughters

A journey into lost love and its lingering trauma

Through a Lens Lightly

Young-adult fiction that shines a light on the contemporary world

The President’s Man

Giani Zail Singh’s tenure reveals the limits and possibilities of the highest office

Prisoner of the Present

Anjum Hasan’s new novel is about a middle-aged history teacher living in Delhi


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