Leave Agatha Christie Alone

Shylashri Shankar

To censor books is to overlook the social contexts they were set in

A Dragon in the Garden

When people encounter the unknown

A Passage to India

The diplomatic manoeuvrings behind the East India Company

Memoirs of Water

Abraham Verghese’s new novel is a sprawling family saga steeped in history. The physician-author speaks about medicine and writing, faith and families

Who Are We?

Tracing the evolution of India’s unique identity

Heartbeats of the Northeast

An intimate telling of an Indian growth story

Enigma of the Investigator

Watching a genius detective power through the mystery is similar to watching a magician create illusions

Saint and Sinner

Stories from Rajasthan about gods, ghosts and humans

Class Struggle

Fault lines on the American campus

Delhi Noir

A father’s search for his daughter’s killer


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