A Wife’s Gaze

Zakia Soman

An intimate portrait of Ambedkar

The Opening Punch

Chaos unfurls when vendetta is ill conceived, and a bag of riches is to be found

Lands without Justice

A novel built on the history of hate

Travels with Filter Kaapi

How coffee became an Indian drink

Why Abdul Kalam Was Denied a Second Term

On the eve of his birth anniversary on October 15, his former private secretary makes some startling revelations about the politics behind the scenes

The Inconvenient Dissident

The persecution of Julian Assange is the criminalisation of investigative journalism

The Shadow of Partition

Tracing the evolution of Muslim politics in north India

Chasing Lalit Modi

The former IPL chairman makes you sweat and enjoys your discomfort before agreeing to tell his side of the story

Aurangzeb’s Reign in the Light of His Own Orders

Aurangzeb’s reign in the light of his own orders

Pet Intimacy

Two anthologies by pet parents pay tribute to beloved dogs and cats


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