The Rebel Model

V Shoba

The inscrutable art and life of Rajinikanth

The Principled Life of Kobad Ghandy

Memoirs of a man who was born into affluence but chose a life of struggle

The Kiss of Life

Restoring Devika Rani to her rightful place in the history of Indian cinema

Pandemic Reflections

Vinay Lal gives historical context to our collective and individual responses to Covid

The Evolution of BJP

A historical insight into the Vajpayee-Advani jugalbandi

Writ With Guilt

Katharina Volckmer’s debut novel explores Germany’s historical baggage in a personal and political way

A Thugee Life

On the trail of a most notorious gang of stranglers

Fittest of Them All

Can evolutionary biology explain conflict between countries?

Declan Walsh: It’s Too Easy to Blame Zia for It All

In conversation with Declan Walsh, author and journalist

The Questioning Self

The form of autobiography has long been Barack Obama’s way of explaining his way in the world


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