Shades and Tones

Abhilasha Ojha

Nandita Chaudhuri’s multidisciplinary language of poems and paintings investigates human nature

Kabul Falling

A ringside view of the collapse of Afghanistan

Bridging the Gap

Empirical remedies for national progress

Nationalist As Revolutionary

Redeeming Savarkar from polemics and hagiography

In Praise of the Provincial

Why those from small towns, whether it is William Shakespeare or DH Lawrence, are the equal of their more urban peers

Why I Don’t Look Back in Anger

Author and sports journalist Boria Majumdar in his memoir relives how he survived a ban on him and the social media trial that followed. Here is his side of the story

The Wounded Happiness of Salman Rushdie

What it takes to be a writer in the time of hate. Rushdie returns to that August morning in 2022 when he almost died under the knife of a man inspired by the late Ayatollah Khomeini’s death decree against the author

Shiva’s Sanctuary

A new book offers a rare glimpse of Banaras and the temple at the heart of the holy city

The First Reels

Behind-the-scenes photographs of Bombay Talkies reveal the early days of Indian cinema

The End Is Near

A boy’s metaphorical search for dessert in Varanasi


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