Lost at Home

Kinshuk Gupta

A landmark Hindi novel of the 1960s, now translated into English, tells of a woman caught between individual freedom and social obligation

Musk Mystique

A new biography of the world’s richest man portrays a genius who is also a deeply flawed human being

Speech and Silence

Women in a village ask questions on faith and belief

Lion’s Share

The triumphs and tragedy of Sri Lankan cricket

Finding Home

The memoir of a Dalit writer on alienation, deprivation and reconciliation

Who was Irrfan Khan?

A film critic speaks to friends and family to get to the answer

Searching for Orwell

Fantasy and reality tell of a struggling writer from Bihar

Vajpayee’s Balancing Act

Primary sources highlight the political and personal life of India’s first BJP prime minister

Churchill’s Endgame in India

Was he a nasty imperialist or a British patriot?


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