The Angriest Eye

A Ranganayaki

Sexual assault cannot be explained away by geography, morality, emotionality, causality, and certainly not anodyne reportage that allows you to skim and move on, says A Ranganayaki, who knows

Diary of a Newly Thin Person

As a pleasantly plump, accommodating teenager lost all her disfiguring weight, this is what she saw in the mirror: a preening, arrogant stranger. Does your body then shape your personality?

Diary of a Large Girl

In a politically correct world, there is small, average and large. Large is a figment of the mind more than anything else. It can be used to judge you only as much as you judge yourself

Diary of a Thin Girl

The American medical establishment was unnerved by her body measurements and threatened ‘tough decisions’ if she didn’t reform herself. Casting directors find her ideal to play domestic-abuse victim. But cabbies carry her luggage to the door. Always.


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