Enter the Unregistered Opposition

PR Ramesh and Siddharth Singh

As the Congress vacates the space of an active opposition with a counter-argument, civil society activists and other professional dissenters rush in to fill the vacuum

Defection News

The biggest rumour in the Delhi political circuit is that Congress leader and eminent lawyer, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, may join the BJP

The House of Scindia: The Family Reunion

The House of Scindia is now painted completely in saffron

The Rahul Question

Nobody knows what he stands for and what stream of political consciousness he represents

Split Politics

It is not surprising that calls for a new ‘split’ in the Congress remain undefined in ideological terms

The Scindia Revolt

Ideologically, Scindia had started aligning with the BJP around seven months ago, when he supported the Modi Government’s decision on the abrogation of Article 370

Namaste coronavirus!

A safe and superior old-fashioned greeting

Is it the New Normal?

Change has been relentless since the BJP’s big victory in the 2019 General Election, creating a political volatility India has not experienced in a long time

The K Factor

How Arvind Kejriwal evolved as a politician to lead his party to another landslide in Delhi


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