Haryana Surprise


The need for change had become palpable in the last several months as aspects of governance, most notably the functioning of civic bodies, suffered, giving rise to public discontent

The Doval Doctrine: Never Say Never Again

India’s National Security Adviser may be playing the diplomat with China, but it is his muscular approach to threats that makes him effective

Mind Wars: China Punches Above its Weight

By insisting on an unconditional Indian withdrawal from Doklam plateau

Manipur: The Geography of Change

A state of opportunity, not challenge


Madhavankutty Pillai • V Shoba • Lhendup G Bhutia • Shubhangi Swarup • Rishad Saam Mehta • Rajni George • Haima Deshpande • Sneha Bhura

On the Wings of Happiness in Bhutan

In search of black-necked cranes

Westward Ho!

India can do without China envy, but it needs to make use of democracy with more vigour. And that is what India expects from Prime Minister Modi

Trouble in Paradise

The threats to Bhutan’s serendipitous identity

Happiness as a National Goal

Bhutan may have voted out a government that put the pursuit of ‘gross national happiness’ on top of its agenda, but the concept still has special relevance in this country

Bhutan Royal Wedding

It is rumoured that the two first met at a picnic when she was seven


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