1971 India-Pakistan War: Memory as Peacemaker

Anam Zakaria

Return to the popular history of the 1971 India-Pakistan war

CAA: A Moral Amendment

The CAA is the only hope of survival that the 17 million Hindus still left in Bangladesh can clutch at

Opponents of Citizenship Act are intellectually dishonest

Contrary to propaganda, Indian Muslims have nothing to be worried about the new law

Bangladesh Hits a 1971 Squall

The government is forced to withdraw a list of razakars after the names of many freedom fighters made their way into it

Divide and Misrule

The CAA and NRC have provided Indians with an opportunity for soul-searching

A Home for the Persecuted

The new citizenship law reflects age-old Indian ethos

Gained in Translation

The Prime Minister wants to follow the United Nations General Assembly translation system

Why Dhaka is Upset with Delhi

India's Citizenship Amendment Act has pushed Bangladesh into a difficult position by bracketing it with Pakistan

The Discrimination

The Citizenship Amendment Bill, which excludes only Muslims, is an affront to the idea of India

A Letter from Dhaka

Books, biryani and other delights of a charming city


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