Tyranny of the Union

Madhavankutty Pillai

On Goa government trying to block Uber

Punishing Your Own Voter

The meat ban in South Delhi is an interference in the Hindu way of life

A Nicer Holocaust?

The ban on Art Spiegelman’s book is a case of conservative ignorance meeting woke cancel culture

France Shows the Way

From the 2011 veil ban law to the recent senate vote on the hijab, the French remain institutionally and instinctively committed to laïcité, the original model of secularism

The End of PUBG

The ban will no doubt hurt PUBG’s creators

The Problem with Bans

Vaping is a public health hazard but so is tobacco that governments profit from

Soft Brains, Hard On

What makes Mumbai’s municipal corporators demand a ban on scantily clad mannequins

The Moving Bull’s Eye

The now-revoked State ban on Viswaroopam was about legal subterfuge, which has a far-reaching ‘chilling effect’

Believers Only

An ordinance by the Kerala government cunningly bars opposition MLAs from temple trusts

A Ludicrous Ban

The bizarre ways in which the Internet is regulated in 21st century India


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