Babri Masjid

Aligarh Almanac

Fehmida Zakeer

A coming-of-age memoir about grief and hope

A Temple of Sovereignty and Nationhood

How Modi steered the expressions of raw anger into an articulation of national pride

Ashok Singhal: Moving Spirit

Ashok Singhal was unperturbed by what people said about him, focused on his task

Restoring Civilisation

The Ram temple is a prelude to peace and reconciliation

After the Ayodhya Acquittal

It is time for India to move on

I, the Hindu

A religion regains its pride

Modi Redeems a Sacred Pledge in Ayodhya

What the Ram Temple does is to link nationhood to a deeper and longer perspective, incorporating INDIA’S entire cultural inheritance, from antiquity to the present

A Year in the Life of Ayodhya

Events that have followed the Ram Rath Yatra of 1990, culminating in August 2020, are a collective testimony to LK Advani’s strategic thinking

The Future Is Safe

Handing over of the 2.77 acres in Ayodhya will not spell doom for Indian Muslims

Ram’s Ghar Wapsi

Go to any museum or temple in India. Not one murti or figure from premodern India survives without disfiguration. If there is one, then the only explanation will be that it somehow escaped Muslim marauders


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