The Evolution of the MBA

Lhendup G Bhutia

The coming together of management and technology

The Need of the Hour

Although NEP brings a lot of autonomy, it also brings a lot of responsibility and competition

Transforming B-Schools In India

The impact of NEP 2020 is going to be tremendous on both students and universities across India

High Fives on Campus

The Big Fat Cheque Job makes a comeback in business schools across the country.

B for Bottleneck

Business schools in India need to stop acting like glorified placement agencies, and start working towards creating entrepreneurs and innovators who can become agents of change.

Basic Instinct

It’s time to turn management education on its head. Students must learn that intuition will serve them better than economic theories based on rational behaviour

The Case of Two Schools

Both IIM-A and Harvard Business School use case studies as a key learning aid. But they do it differently. A professor recounts how, from first-hand experience.

Life beyond the Street

It took a giant financial blowout for B-schools to wake up to the fact that they too needed to reinvent, but change is finally afoot.

Dealing with Adversity

A 100 per cent placement record is not something that the IIMs claim with any pride. This year they should, because it was hard work

Lessons Well Earned

Meet two of India’s new breed of education entrepreneurs: Lovely group and the Chitkaras. They’ve learnt their lessons without many degrees, and know how to cater to their market, be it the students or their potential employers


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