‘Writing is a bad habit of mine. I have never stopped,’ says Anita Desai

Nandini Nair

Anita Desai returns after more than a decade with the story of a young woman in Mexico. She speaks about why writers are outsiders

Alice Munro (1931-2024): Master of the Form

The Nobel laureate perfected the possibilities of a short story

Brand Bond the Origin Story

Ruskin Bond, one of India’s most beloved storytellers, celebrates his ninetieth by returning to a childhood steeped in books and loneliness

The Wounded Happiness of Salman Rushdie

What it takes to be a writer in the time of hate. Rushdie returns to that August morning in 2022 when he almost died under the knife of a man inspired by the late Ayatollah Khomeini’s death decree against the author

The Mythic Meets the Mundane

A Sri Lankan novel is a top contender for the world’s leading science-fiction prize

Sathnam Sanghera: The Empire Raider

British Indian writer Sathnam Sanghera in his new book traces the imperial legacy across the globe. He tells why complete cultural decolonisation is difficult

The Writing Life

The essence of Hilary Mantel

Life As a Gallery

Manju Kapur’s seventh novel reevaluates marriage and class, power and art in Delhi. The author in conversation with

‘Reliving your life is superior to living it,’ says Gurcharan Das

Author and corporate guru Gurcharan Das speaks about his memoir to

Madhav Gadgil: The Man On the Hill

Madhav Gadgil relives his fascination with the natural world in his memoir. The veteran ecologist talks to


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