The Spirit of Bombay

Nandini Nair

The liberal in his labyrinth

Shanta Gokhale: Body of Truth

Writer and translator Shanta Gokhale reflects on what it means to be a woman in India

Toni Morrison (1931-2019): The Beloved

She gave voice to African Americans figuratively, and literally by recreating their language

Markus Zusak: The Story so Far

Australian author Markus Zusak tells Bhavya Dore about the aftermath of a bestseller success and the joys of a new work

‘MeToo has made women weak and whiny,’ says Lionel Shriver

Bhavya Dore in Open Conversation with Lionel Shriver, author and columnist

The Anonymity of Greatness

The Urdu novelist who has slipped out of the pantheon

The Plot Thickens

Mario Vargas Llosa’s new novel has his trademark cliffhangers


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